About BBMG

We plan for your future

Our Philosophy

BBMG endeavors to go where the economic tide is shifting. Innovative media, Asset management, Finance, Marketing, Real-estate development are some areas our socially responsible consortium attempts to reach the community.  We endeavor to both assist and benefit our clients. Our specialty is building custom risk adjusted balanced financial solutions for everyone from the residential investor to the experienced high net worth investor.  This approach is based on a corporate philosophy that sees community holistically.

We have partnered with some of the most reputable organizations in Canada and abroad to provide for our clients the very best in competitive financial products and services. With access to Stock, hedge funds, REITS,  mutual funds, Insurance,  private investment  companies, as well as 100’s of other retail platforms, we can build a diverse high yield portfolio like no one else.  Stocks, bonds, real-estate and I This is the tip of the iceberg of what we can do for our clients.

We  offer offshore investments and foreign investments  and over 40 lenders. We build tax efficient registered and non-registered portfolios .

BBMG  is building on the strength of our FISCO, MFDA and IROC partners and the creativity of our strategic wealth advisors. We would like the opportunity to compete for your business. Let us have the discussion of building wealth differently.

The plan is scientific and the approach is personal.

Our Team

Wendell Brereton | Financial Planning

Wendell’s is a demonstrated business-finance executive. He has a passion and record of accomplishment as a results oriented expert in the areas of wealth planning and investment growth internationally. He is an industry leader at assessing client needs, recommending, developing and implementing appropriate wealth strategies.

Wendell’s high competency in the areas of finance, and corporate culture, allows him to quantitatively forecast marketing solutions for  athletes, entertainers
or brands to foster true brand development and market share.

He is quoted as saying “At BBMG you are more than a client you are also co-owner.”

Anthony Stephen Benjamin | Senior Partner & NBA/NFL Agent

Anthony Stephen Benjamin LL.B, L.S.C., MBA. At BBMG he is the lead NBA AND NFL agent and Senior partner.  Anthony is a highly motivated and self-driven  lawyer who has a genuine desire to see his clients receive the excellent representation that they deserve. He is fearless and very direct in his approach as he applies his skills, resources and common sense in dealing with your matter.  Anthony was called to the bar in the West Indies in 1989. He migrated to Canada in 1999 and was subsequently called to the Bar of Ontario in 2001. Until 2010, Anthony worked as a Legal Counsel with the Attorney General of Ontario, at the Financial Service Commission of Ontario. Anthony demonstrates his is true commitment to serving not only his clients and their families but also their communities. Anthony is often called upon as a motivational speaker to encourage young people from minority background to forge ahead with their dreams and goals.  Anthony is also an active member of the Vincentian-Canadian Association and the Jamaican-Canadian Association to name a few.

John Clara | Senior Partner FIBA Agent: 2010022665

John has been involved in basketball for over 20 years. Since the fall of 2010 he has been a FIBA licensed agent. During this time he has assisted/guided many players start their professional basketball careers. He has negotiated professional contracts in the following countries Iceland, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, France, England (U.K.) and Canada.

Prior to getting his agent license John coached grassroots basketball where his teams consistently competed for numerous provincial and national championships. While coaching he also assisted numerous players attain NCAA, NAIA, JUCO and CIS scholarships. Many of those players have gone or are in the process of going on to play professional basketball.

One of John’s greatest asset’s is his knowledge of the game as he still trains a majority of his alumni, clients and is constantly sought after to train and develop players who have aspirations to play at the professional level.